Wild Thoughts (Intro Maria X2)Hip Hop 2.492017.07.26DONATE
Trap trap trap (TRAP REMIX)Hip Hop, Trap 1.992017.05.08DONATE
Work from home Vs Work itHip Hop 2.292017.02.02DONATE
Too good sambaHip Hop 1.992016.11.24DONATE
Bday in the club introHip Hop 1.992016.01.21DONATE
Money ain’t a problem vs I get moneyHip Hop 1.992015.12.21DONATE
New level “Trap edm drop”Hip Hop 1.992015.12.21DONATE
Big Rings CLEAN”Big drop EDM edit” Original production!Hip Hop 1.992015.12.14DONATE
Milly rock “Big room drop”Hip Hop 1.992015.11.28DONATE
The hills. RedrumHip Hop 1.992015.11.11DONATE
Messiah – Commas (Intro Outro)Hip Hop 1.992015.09.02DONATE
Poppin Remix (Intro Outro)Hip Hop 1.992015.08.27DONATE
Bitch better have my money “Original to reggae”Hip Hop 1.992015.08.27DONATE
100 “Redrum”Hip Hop 1.992015.08.27DONATE
Classic man “Redrum”Hip Hop 1.992015.08.27DONATE
Flexing Vs DropHip Hop 1.992015.06.15DONATE
Trap Queen vs FebrezeHip Hop 1.992015.04.10DONATE
Your Love (HYPE)Hip Hop 1.502015.02.26DONATE
7/11 Chant intro 128bpm to Original and backHip Hop 1.992015.02.24DONATE
Truffle Butter (intro outro)Hip Hop 1.502015.02.19DONATE
Truffle butter IntroHip Hop 1.992015.02.08DONATE
Dando Break (Intro & Hip Hop Blend) (Dirty & Clean)Hip Hop, Reggeaton 1.992015.01.25DONATE
Guaya Guaya Vs Idfwu (Mash-Up) – 96bpmHip Hop 1.492015.01.17DONATE
Say Aaaah mashHip Hop 1.502015.01.08DONATE
Move Your Body Like A Snake mashHip Hop 1.502015.01.08DONATE
Uuh Ooooh mashHip Hop 1.502015.01.08DONATE
Rack CityHip Hop 1.992015.01.04DONATE
Smoking That La La LaHip Hop 1.502015.01.04DONATE
Be faithful 2015 POWER EDITHip Hop 2.992015.01.03DONATE
End of time Vs Fresh princeHip Hop 0.992014.12.08DONATE