Top 10

  • Placeholder Epic Birthday

  • Placeholder Animal vs Put your drinks up

  • Placeholder Mujeres soltera

  • Placeholder On a tuesday Vs Delliriom

  • Placeholder Stringer Vs Fatman Scoop "Hands up"

  • Placeholder Boricua anthem Vs Boneless

  • Placeholder No type Vs Bassjackers Like that

  • Placeholder Bitch better have my money Vs Meltdown "Clean and dirty"

  • Placeholder Needed me (Reggae soca remix)

  • Placeholder Thug anthem Vs Tremor


Olle Lo Que Traigo Intro Outro 120BpmDembow 1.492015.01.11DONATE
Coco – PitoFlo – ExtendedMerengue 1.492015.01.10DONATE
La Loquera – Intro Outro & Steady KickMerengue 1.492015.01.10DONATE
Una Noche Mas Intro OutroReggeaton 1.492015.01.09DONATE
A Que No Te Atreves Intro OutroReggeaton 1.492015.01.09DONATE
Ay Vamos Remix Intro OutroReggeaton 1.992015.01.09DONATE
Soledad Intro OutroReggeaton 1.492015.01.09DONATE
S.A.P. Starter Intro OutroReggeaton 1.492015.01.09DONATE
Mujeres Sin Marido/ Dagga ( Quick Hitter )House 1.992015.01.09DONATE
Me tienen Para ( With Kick Steady )Merengue 2.992015.01.09DONATE
Ping Pong / Mentirosa ( Quick Hitter )House 1.992015.01.09DONATE
Amor Prohibido ( Intro & Outro )Reggeaton 1.992015.01.09DONATE
Soledad ( Simple Intro & Outro )Reggeaton 1.992015.01.09DONATE
Voy A Beber ( En Vivo With Kick Steady )Mambo 2.992015.01.09DONATE
Love Is Gone Nova Remix ( Quick Hitter )House 1.992015.01.09DONATE
Coco (intro)Mambo 1.502015.01.08DONATE
Say Aaaah mashHip Hop 1.502015.01.08DONATE
Girls Run The World mashHouse 1.502015.01.08DONATE
Te Propongo (intro)Salsa 1.502015.01.08DONATE
Rescate Re-DoneReggeaton 1.502015.01.08DONATE
Move Your Body Like A Snake mashHip Hop 1.502015.01.08DONATE
Only Girl In The World mashHouse 1.502015.01.08DONATE
Uuh Ooooh mashHip Hop 1.502015.01.08DONATE
No me Digas Que No ( Intro Break & Outro )Merengue 1.992015.01.08DONATE
La Gozadera ( Intro Break & Outro )Merengue 2.992015.01.07DONATE
Travesuras ( Intro & Outro )Reggeaton 1.992015.01.07DONATE
Passion Wine ( Riddim Intro Break )Reggeaton 1.992015.01.07DONATE
Voy a beber VS Stalag riddimReggeaton 1.992015.01.07DONATE
6am Vs Come aroundReggeaton 1.992015.01.07DONATE
Raise Those Hands/Tremendo CuloHouse 2.992015.01.07DONATE
El Lloron (hype)Reggeaton 1.992015.01.07DONATE
Calabria With VocalHouse 2.992015.01.07DONATE
C.U.B.A/Tom FordHouse 2.992015.01.07DONATE
Lejos De Ti Intro & OutroSalsa 1.992015.01.06DONATE
Love And Sex ( Intro & Outro )Reggeaton 1.992015.01.06DONATE
Ni Una Lagrima Mas ( Intro Break & Outro )Bachata 2.992015.01.06DONATE
La Hoja Se Volteo ( Intro & Outro )Reggeaton 1.992015.01.06DONATE
Es Un Secreto ( Hip Hop Mash )Reggeaton 1.992015.01.06DONATE
Contigo Quiero Amores ( Intro & Outro )Reggeaton 1.992015.01.06DONATE
Plakito ( Simple Intro )Reggeaton 1.992015.01.06DONATE