Top 10

  • Placeholder Epic Birthday

  • Placeholder Animal vs Put your drinks up

  • Placeholder Mujeres soltera

  • Placeholder On a tuesday Vs Delliriom

  • Placeholder Stringer Vs Fatman Scoop "Hands up"

  • Placeholder Boricua anthem Vs Boneless

  • Placeholder No type Vs Bassjackers Like that

  • Placeholder Bitch better have my money Vs Meltdown "Clean and dirty"

  • Placeholder Needed me (Reggae soca remix)

  • Placeholder Thug anthem Vs Tremor


Baby Boo (extended)Reggeaton 1.502015.02.18DONATE
Como Expresar Lo Que SientoBachata 1.502015.02.17DONATE
Vecinita vs ReggaeReggeaton 1.992015.02.14DONATE
Bailando Vs Murder she wroteReggae 1.992015.02.14DONATE
Guaya Guaya vs Dwally riddimReggeaton 1.992015.02.10DONATE
Truffle butter IntroHip Hop 1.992015.02.08DONATE
Dando Break introReggeaton 1.992015.02.08DONATE
Taezan – Go hands IntroDembow 1.992015.02.07DONATE
Booty De GomaDembow 1.992015.02.07DONATE
Bailalo ChapiadoraDembow 1.992015.02.07DONATE
Silla De RuedaDembow 1.992015.02.07DONATE
Va Segui (Intro Outro)Dembow 1.992015.02.05DONATE
Fanatica SensualReggeaton 1.992015.02.03DONATE
Stuck On A FeelingReggeaton 1.992015.02.01DONATE
Dando BreakReggeaton 1.992015.02.01DONATE
Soledad ExtendedReggeaton 1.992015.02.01DONATE
Pierdo La CabezaReggeaton 1.502015.02.01DONATE
El PerdonReggeaton 1.992015.02.01DONATE
El HelicopteroDembow 1.992015.01.30DONATE
Me Gusta Tu MarioDembow 1.992015.01.30DONATE
EncendedoraDembow 1.502015.01.30DONATE
El Baile Del DineroDembow 1.502015.01.30DONATE
Coco Flow – LeXeDit Vs Zelo – House-Trap-TipicoTransitions 1.992015.01.27DONATE
Estas Pa Mi (Intro Outro)Reggeaton 1.492015.01.27DONATE
Dando Break (Simple Intro Outro)Reggeaton 1.492015.01.27DONATE
Dando Break (Intro & Hip Hop Blend) (Dirty & Clean)Hip Hop, Reggeaton 1.992015.01.25DONATE
A Que No Te Atreves Riddim RemixReggae 1.992015.01.25DONATE
Hasta Verla Sin Na (Intro Outro BreakDown)Reggeaton 1.492015.01.25DONATE
Lejos De Aqui (Intro Outro)Reggeaton 1.492015.01.25DONATE
Amaneci Contento “Intro”Dembow 0.992015.01.25DONATE
Los Monstro Men (Intro Outro)Bmore 1.492015.01.24DONATE
Don’t Stop The Madness ( Rework Remix ) 130BpmHouse 1.992015.01.23DONATE
Take Over Control ( Quick Hitter Remix ) 130BpmHouse 1.992015.01.23DONATE
Ojos Que No Ven ( Who House Remix ) 128BpmHouse 1.992015.01.23DONATE
TRAVESURAS ( Dancehall Remix ) 94BpmReggeaton 2.992015.01.23DONATE
Si Tu No Estas ( Intro & Outro )Reggeaton 1.992015.01.23DONATE
Es Un Secreto ( Hip Hop Mushup )Reggeaton 1.992015.01.23DONATE
Tu Sin Mi ( Intro & Outro )Salsa 2.992015.01.23DONATE
Lejos De Ti ( Intro & Outro )Salsa 1.992015.01.23DONATE
Makarena ( Intro & Outro )Salsa 1.992015.01.23DONATE