Top 10

  • Placeholder Epic Birthday

  • Placeholder Animal vs Put your drinks up

  • Placeholder Mujeres soltera

  • Placeholder On a tuesday Vs Delliriom

  • Placeholder Stringer Vs Fatman Scoop "Hands up"

  • Placeholder Boricua anthem Vs Boneless

  • Placeholder No type Vs Bassjackers Like that

  • Placeholder Bitch better have my money Vs Meltdown "Clean and dirty"

  • Placeholder Thug anthem Vs Tremor

  • Placeholder Drake-Controlla (DJ Mad +David S Bootleg)


Bailar ( Mambo to House Transition ) 128BpmLatin 1.992016.05.13DONATE
Desaparecida ( Intro Break ) 85BpmReggeaton 1.992016.05.13DONATE
Me Reclama ( Simple Intro ) 92BpmReggeaton 1.992016.05.13DONATE
Drake-Controlla (DJ Mad +David S Bootleg)Reggae 2.992016.05.03DONATE
Balada Del Pistolero ( House Mushup ) 128BpmHouse 2.992016.04.28DONATE
Mexican Anthem ( 5 De Mayo Rework ) 128BpmHouse 2.992016.04.28DONATE
Mariachi ( 5 De Mayo Rework QH ) 128BpmHouse 2.992016.04.28DONATE
Te Busco Cumbia ( Full Production ) 92BpmLatin 2.992016.04.28DONATE
Te De Campana ( Intro & Outro ) 105BpmDembow 1.992016.04.28DONATE
Culpables ( Intro &Outro ) 132 BpmBachata 1.992016.04.28DONATE
El Condor Legendario ( Intro & Outro ) 95BpmLatin 1.992016.04.28DONATE
La Cumbia Cienaguera ( Intro & Outro ) 100BpmLatin 1.992016.04.28DONATE
La Cumbia Sampuesana ( Intro & Outro ) 105BpmLatin 1.992016.04.28DONATE
Obsesionado ( Acapella Intro ) 90BpmReggeaton 2.992016.04.16DONATE
Encantadora ( Acapella Intro ) 85BpmReggeaton 2.992016.04.16DONATE
Pon dembowDembowton 1.992016.04.14DONATE
Puerto Rico DembowtonDembowton 1.992016.04.09DONATE
Dale (Hands in the air)Dembowton 1.992016.04.09DONATE
Versace vs Bunnyhop dropDembowton 1.992016.04.09DONATE
Number One remixTrap 1.992016.03.25DONATE
Obsesionado ( Intro Break & Outro ) 90BpmReggeaton 2.992016.03.11DONATE
La Mejor De Todas ( Intro & Outro )140BpmBachata 1.992016.03.11DONATE
Amaneci Contento ( Intro & Outro ) 140BpmDembow 1.992016.03.11DONATE
Desde esa Noche ( Simple Intro ) 96BpmReggeaton 2.992016.02.26DONATE
Tiradera pal Lapiz ( Intro Break ) 105BpmDembow 1.992016.02.26DONATE
Quedate Conmigo ( Intro Break) 137 BpmBachata 1.992016.02.26DONATE
Quedate ( Intro & Outro ) 135BpmBachata 2.992016.02.26DONATE
Como Lo Hacia Yo ( Intro & Outro ) 96BpmReggeaton 1.992016.02.26DONATE
Botando Chipa ( Intro ) 120BpmDembow 1.992016.02.26DONATE
Work RefixReggae 1.992016.02.03DONATE
Bday in the club introHip Hop 1.992016.01.21DONATE
Tumba La Casa ( Intro )Reggeaton 1.992016.01.09DONATE
Llamada de mi ExSalsa 1.992016.01.09DONATE
TE IMAGINO ( INTRO )Reggeaton 1.992016.01.09DONATE
Money ain’t a problem vs I get moneyHip Hop 1.992015.12.21DONATE
New level “Trap edm drop”Hip Hop 1.992015.12.21DONATE
Navidad ( Edit Navideño ) 125BpmBachata 2.992015.12.18DONATE
ENCANTADORA ( INTRO ) 90BPMReggeaton 2.992015.12.18DONATE
Chacarron ( Live Remix ) 129BpmMerengue 1.992015.12.18DONATE
Te Busco ( Hip Hop Version ) 95BpmHip House 1.952015.12.18DONATE