Top 10

  • Placeholder On a tuesday Vs Delliriom

  • Placeholder Epic Birthday

  • Placeholder Boricua anthem Vs Boneless

  • Placeholder Animal vs Put your drinks up

  • Placeholder Stringer Vs Fatman Scoop "Hands up"

  • Placeholder No type Vs Bassjackers Like that

  • Placeholder Thug anthem Vs Tremor

  • Placeholder Hot Nigga Bmore Bootleg

  • Placeholder Mujeres soltera

  • Placeholder Pitbull "Don't stop the party Vs Tik Tok


Coco Flow – LeXeDit Vs Zelo – House-Trap-TipicoTransitions 1.992015.01.27DONATE
Estas Pa Mi (Intro Outro)Reggeaton 1.492015.01.27DONATE
Dando Break (Simple Intro Outro)Reggeaton 1.492015.01.27DONATE
Dando Break (Intro & Hip Hop Blend) (Dirty & Clean)Hip Hop, Reggeaton 1.992015.01.25DONATE
A Que No Te Atreves Riddim RemixReggae 1.992015.01.25DONATE
Hasta Verla Sin Na (Intro Outro BreakDown)Reggeaton 1.492015.01.25DONATE
Lejos De Aqui (Intro Outro)Reggeaton 1.492015.01.25DONATE
Amaneci Contento “Intro”Dembow 0.992015.01.25DONATE
Los Monstro Men (Intro Outro)Bmore 1.492015.01.24DONATE
Don’t Stop The Madness ( Rework Remix )House 1.992015.01.23DONATE
Take Over Control ( Quick Hitter Remix )House 1.992015.01.23DONATE
Ojos Que No Ven ( Who House Remix )House 1.992015.01.23DONATE
TRAVESURAS ( Dancehall Remix )Reggeaton 2.992015.01.23DONATE
Si Tu No Estas ( Intro & Outro )Reggeaton 1.992015.01.23DONATE
Es Un Secreto ( Hip Hop Mushup )Reggeaton 1.992015.01.23DONATE
Tu Sin Mi ( Intro & Outro )Salsa 2.992015.01.23DONATE
Lejos De Ti ( Intro & Outro )Salsa 1.992015.01.23DONATE
Makarena ( Intro & Outro )Salsa 1.992015.01.23DONATE
Niña De Mi Corazon ( Intro & Outro )Bachata 1.992015.01.23DONATE
Odio ( Intro & Outro )Bachata 1.992015.01.23DONATE
Por Ti ( Intro & Outro )Bachata 1.992015.01.23DONATE
No Me Diga Que Es Muy Tarde (Live) Intro 108bpmSalsa 1.492015.01.22DONATE
El Coco Intro 97bpmSalsa 1.492015.01.22DONATE
Dolor Esquina Miseria Intro 108bpmSalsa 1.492015.01.22DONATE
Bomba Carabomba Intro Outro 108bpmSalsa 1.492015.01.22DONATE
Perdon Simple Intro Outro 98bpmReggeaton 1.992015.01.22DONATE
Perdon Simple Intro 98bpmReggeaton 1.492015.01.22DONATE
No Type Trap Machine Transition (Clean & Dirty)Transitions 1.992015.01.21DONATE
Rantantantan Tan Sofocao (Intro Outro)Dembow 1.492015.01.21DONATE
Amaneci Contento (Intro Outro)Dembow 1.492015.01.21DONATE
Si Tu No Estas (Intro Outro)Reggeaton 1.492015.01.21DONATE
Choca (Intro Outro)Reggeaton 1.492015.01.21DONATE
Pielde La Cabeza (Intro Outro)Reggeaton 1.492015.01.21DONATE
Bandida (Intro Outro)Reggeaton 1.492015.01.21DONATE
Es Duro – Intro – 164bpmMerengue 1.492015.01.19DONATE
Anaconda Bmore BootlegBmore 1.492015.01.17DONATE
Am I Wrong BootlegHouse 1.492015.01.17DONATE
Guaya Guaya Vs Idfwu (Mash-Up) – 96bpmHip Hop 1.492015.01.17DONATE
El Baile Del Dinero Intro Outro 120BpmDembow 1.992015.01.17DONATE
Dinero Fácil ( Intro & Outro )Dembow 1.992015.01.17DONATE
DescontrolateReggeaton 1.502015.01.17DONATE
Noches De Fantasía ( Intro & Outro )Reggeaton 1.992015.01.16DONATE
Que Se Mueran De Envidia ( Intro & Outro )Dembow 1.992015.01.16DONATE
Don’t Stop The Party ( Kick Hard Remix )House 1.992015.01.16DONATE
Don’t Stop The Party ( Acapella Start )House 1.992015.01.16DONATE
Don’t Stop The Music / Pump This PartyHouse 1.992015.01.16DONATE
Coco ( Hit It House Remix Quick Hitter )House 1.992015.01.16DONATE
Danza Kuduro Samir’s ( Quick Hitter Remix )House 992015.01.16DONATE
Amiga Veneno ( Intro Break & Outro ) 126BpmBachata 1.992015.01.16DONATE
I Love CoCo BangerHip House 1.992015.01.16DONATE
No Soy Un Hombre Malo – Intro 138bpmBachata 1.492015.01.15DONATE
Fresa Salvaje – intro 137BpmMerengue 1.492015.01.15DONATE
Yo Soy El Malo Intro 98bpmSalsa 1.492015.01.14DONATE
Welcom To The Selfie (Mash-up) 132BpmHouse 1.992015.01.14DONATE
Duelo ( Intro & Outro )Reggeaton 1.992015.01.14DONATE
Fanatica Sensual ( Riddim Intro )Reggeaton 1.992015.01.14DONATE
Orgullo Remix ( Intro & Outro )Reggeaton 1.992015.01.14DONATE
Nunca Pato (En Vivo 2015) Intro Outro 155BpmMambo 1.992015.01.12DONATE
Olle Lo Que Traigo Intro Outro 120BpmDembow 1.492015.01.11DONATE
Coco – PitoFlo – ExtendedMerengue 1.492015.01.10DONATE
La Loquera – Intro Outro & Steady KickMerengue 1.492015.01.10DONATE
Una Noche Mas Intro OutroReggeaton 1.492015.01.09DONATE
A Que No Te Atreves Intro OutroReggeaton 1.492015.01.09DONATE
Ay Vamos Remix Intro OutroReggeaton 1.992015.01.09DONATE
Soledad Intro OutroReggeaton 1.492015.01.09DONATE
S.A.P. Starter Intro OutroReggeaton 1.492015.01.09DONATE
Mujeres Sin Marido/ Dagga ( Quick Hitter )House 1.992015.01.09DONATE
Me tienen Para ( With Kick Steady )Merengue 2.992015.01.09DONATE
Ping Pong / Mentirosa ( Quick Hitter )House 1.992015.01.09DONATE
Amor Prohibido ( Intro & Outro )Reggeaton 1.992015.01.09DONATE
Soledad ( Simple Intro & Outro )Reggeaton 1.992015.01.09DONATE
Voy A Beber ( En Vivo With Kick Steady )Mambo 2.992015.01.09DONATE
Love Is Gone Nova Remix ( Quick Hitter )House 1.992015.01.09DONATE
Coco (intro)Mambo 1.502015.01.08DONATE
Say Aaaah mashHip Hop 1.502015.01.08DONATE
Girls Run The World mashHouse 1.502015.01.08DONATE
Te Propongo (intro)Salsa 1.502015.01.08DONATE
Rescate Re-DoneReggeaton 1.502015.01.08DONATE
Move Your Body Like A Snake mashHip Hop 1.502015.01.08DONATE
Only Girl In The World mashHouse 1.502015.01.08DONATE
Uuh Ooooh mashHip Hop 1.502015.01.08DONATE
No me Digas Que No ( Intro Break & Outro )Merengue 1.992015.01.08DONATE
La Gozadera ( Intro Break & Outro )Merengue 2.992015.01.07DONATE
Travesuras ( Intro & Outro )Reggeaton 1.992015.01.07DONATE
Passion Wine ( Riddim Intro Break )Reggeaton 1.992015.01.07DONATE
Voy a beber VS Stalag riddimReggeaton 1.992015.01.07DONATE
6am Vs Come aroundReggeaton 1.992015.01.07DONATE
Raise Those Hands/Tremendo CuloHouse 2.992015.01.07DONATE
El Lloron (hype)Reggeaton 1.992015.01.07DONATE
Calabria With VocalHouse 2.992015.01.07DONATE
C.U.B.A/Tom FordHouse 2.992015.01.07DONATE
Lejos De Ti Intro & OutroSalsa 1.992015.01.06DONATE
Love And Sex ( Intro & Outro )Reggeaton 1.992015.01.06DONATE
Ni Una Lagrima Mas ( Intro Break & Outro )Bachata 2.992015.01.06DONATE
La Hoja Se Volteo ( Intro & Outro )Reggeaton 1.992015.01.06DONATE
Es Un Secreto ( Hip Hop Mash )Reggeaton 1.992015.01.06DONATE
Contigo Quiero Amores ( Intro & Outro )Reggeaton 1.992015.01.06DONATE
Plakito ( Simple Intro )Reggeaton 1.992015.01.06DONATE
A$ap Ferg Feat Geovanny Polanco – Gotta Go To Work Transition (Hip Hop To Tipico)Transitions 1.992015.01.06DONATE
Plan B – Fanatica Sensual – Simple Intro OutroReggeaton 1.492015.01.06DONATE
Yandel – Plakito – Simple Intro OutroReggeaton 1.492015.01.06DONATE
Subete En El CaballoDembow 1.992015.01.06DONATE
Guaya Guaya ( Hip Hop Mashup )Reggeaton 1.992015.01.04DONATE
Soy Una Gárgola ( Hip Hop Mushup )Reggeaton 1.992015.01.04DONATE
Ay vamos (Simple Intro & Outro )Reggeaton 1.992015.01.04DONATE
Reykon – Secretos – Intro OutroReggeaton 1.492015.01.04DONATE
Rack CityHip Hop 1.992015.01.04DONATE
Yo No Muero En Mi CamaBachata 1.502015.01.04DONATE
Una Noche No Es BastanteSalsa 1.502015.01.04DONATE
Smoking That La La LaHip Hop 1.502015.01.04DONATE
Paleta Acapella IntroReggeaton 1.992015.01.04DONATE
Be faithful 2015 POWER EDITHip Hop 2.992015.01.03DONATE
Yandel – Dembow VS DwallyReggae 1.992015.01.03DONATE
Wave your hands VS ArcadeHouse 1.992015.01.03DONATE
La discoteca esta loca VS RamboHouse 1.992015.01.03DONATE
6 Am RiddimReggeaton 1.502015.01.03DONATE
Virus Hands up “Short edit”House 1.292015.01.01DONATE
NYE drop . Play this exactly 30seconds before 12am and let it do its magic..Transitions 1.292014.12.31DONATE
Rea Shremmurd – No Type “Bmore”Bmore 2.292014.12.28DONATE
Por Un SegundoBachata 1.252014.12.27DONATE
Mi VecinitaReggeaton 1.992014.12.27DONATE
Hoy Voy A BeberReggeaton 1.992014.12.27DONATE
Coco Wip it BMORE BOOTLEGBmore 1.992014.12.23DONATE
Hey mister VS Do my ladiesHouse 2.292014.12.23DONATE
Haters AnthemHouse 1.502014.12.16DONATE
Mujer De La CalleSalsa 1.502014.12.16DONATE
Major LazerHip House 1.502014.12.16DONATE
LovumbaaLatin 1.502014.12.16DONATE
Llevame ContigoBachata 1.502014.12.16DONATE
Ladies Give It All You GotHouse 1.502014.12.16DONATE
IntocableReggeaton 1.502014.12.16DONATE
Everything In The AirHouse 1.992014.12.16DONATE
Es Un SecretoReggeaton 1.502014.12.16DONATE
Doo Doo BrownHouse 1.992014.12.16DONATE
DesafioReggeaton 1.252014.12.15DONATE
Danza KuduroHouse, Latin 1.252014.12.15DONATE
Que Tengo Que HacerLatin 1.502014.12.15DONATE
Burn It UpReggeaton 1.502014.12.15DONATE
BeckyReggeaton 1.502014.12.15DONATE
A Ta Ti Te DoyDembow 1.252014.12.15DONATE
Omega DembowDembow 1.502014.12.15DONATE
99 Problems Vs Bam BamReggeaton 1.502014.12.15DONATE
El Malo Trans Reggeaton – BachataTransitions 1.502014.12.15DONATE
Tres SemanasSalsa 1.252014.12.13DONATE
Si tu no estasReggeaton 1.502014.12.13DONATE
Capie y PrendiDembow 1.502014.12.13DONATE
Hands Up In The AirHouse 2.002014.12.13DONATE
Bailalo MocaDembow 1.992014.12.13DONATE
GraciasSalsa 1.252014.12.13DONATE
AdictoSalsa 1.502014.12.13DONATE
Dj Kool – Let me clear my throat DEMBOWDembow 2.292014.12.13DONATE
Hoizer -Take me to church Vs We got that bassHouse 1.992014.12.12DONATE
Dej Loaf – Try me Vs No No No “CLEAN/DIRTY”Reggae 1.992014.12.11DONATE
Danny glover “Bmore”Hip House 1.292014.12.11DONATE
Ocho sinco BmoreHip House 1.992014.12.11DONATE
Samir shots “Bootleg”Hip House 1.292014.12.11DONATE
Sweet dreams vs Kids playing bootlegHip House 1.992014.12.11DONATE
Hoizer -Take me to church “EDM bootleg”House 1.992014.12.11DONATE
Drake – Versace “Bmore”Hip House 1.992014.12.11DONATE
Wiz Khalifa – We dem boyz “Bmore”Hip House 1.392014.12.11DONATE
B.O.B – We still in this bitch” Bmore bootleg”Hip House 1.992014.12.11DONATE
Alarma Rmx 130BPMHouse 2.992014.12.11DONATE
Mi Secreto Rayon Radio Edit In-outReggeaton 1.502014.12.11DONATE
Contigo Quiero Amore Arcangel In-OutReggeaton 1.502014.12.11DONATE
A Que No Te Atreves Tito El Bambino Simple IntroReggeaton 1.502014.12.11DONATE
Una noche masReggeaton 1.252014.12.11DONATE
Travesuras (intro)Reggeaton 1.252014.12.11DONATE
Boricua anthem Vs BonelessHouse 1.992014.12.09DONATE
Epic Birthday Vs DangaHip House 2.292014.12.09DONATE
O.T. Genasis – Coco Vs Segan EmpireHip House 1.292014.12.09DONATE
On a tuesday Vs DelliriomHip House 1.992014.12.09DONATE
Everybody clap your hands Vs DynamiteHouse 1.992014.12.09DONATE
Stringer Vs Fatman Scoop “Hands up”House 1.992014.12.09DONATE
Thug anthem Vs TremorParty Breaks 1.992014.12.09DONATE
Celena gomez- Slow down the song Vs Old money BootlegHouse 1.292014.12.09DONATE
No type Vs Bassjackers Like thatHip House 1.992014.12.09DONATE
Fuma alarmaParty Breaks 1.292014.12.09DONATE
No flex Zone BootlegHip House 1.992014.12.09DONATE
The monster Vs Hands up BootlegHouse 1.292014.12.08DONATE
Mujeres solteraParty Breaks 1.992014.12.08DONATE
Pitbull “Don’t stop the party Vs Tik TokHouse 1.102014.12.08DONATE
Oh mikey Vs The system BootlegHouse 0.992014.12.08DONATE
We found love vs Now that we found loveHouse 1.292014.12.08DONATE
Love is gone Vs Sake it BootlegHouse 1.992014.12.08DONATE
Love is gone Vs Put em up BootlegHouse 1.992014.12.08DONATE
Love is gone Vs Lets goHouse 1.292014.12.08DONATE
Daddy yankee “Limbo Vs Coolie danceReggeaton 1.992014.12.08DONATE
Calvin Harris “I need your love Vs Rise in loveHouse 0.992014.12.08DONATE
Epic BirthdayHouse 1.992014.12.08DONATE
Jason derulo “Other side Vs Ding dongHouse 0.992014.12.08DONATE
Incredible Vs I love itHip House 1.992014.12.08DONATE
Im the shit VS Revolution bootlegHouse 1.992014.12.08DONATE
I need your love Vs Side by sideHouse 0.992014.12.08DONATE
Hands in the air Vs ShookerHouse 1.992014.12.08DONATE
Bizzarro Vs Hands up in the airHouse 1.992014.12.08DONATE
Give your heart a break VS ShookerHouse 1.992014.12.08DONATE
Fear of dawn batmobileHouse 1.992014.12.08DONATE
End of time Vs Fresh princeHip Hop 0.992014.12.08DONATE
Grownups 2 Vs BonelessHouse 0.992014.12.08DONATE
Pitbull – Don’t stop the party VS Be coolHouse 1.992014.12.08DONATE